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Voices in the Void   

Denmark, summer 1943

After three years of Nazi occupation, the order is issued:

"Preparations must be made for the deportation of the Jews of Denmark!"

Will their fate be similar to other Jewish communities in occupied Europe?

Find out about the flight and rescue of the Jews in Denmark -

a story of heroism, civil activism, solidarity, and inspiring personal choices!

Viking Jews

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הערכים שלנו

Denmark and the Jews
over the years

The "Viking Jews"

How did Jews arrive in Denmark? Is their story unique compared with other European Jewish communities? 

Watch the following video about the history of the Danish Jews. Try to identify what ideas and values were in play.

Voices in the voide

Voices in the Void

In the summer of 1943, the order was issued to assemble and deport the Jews of Denmark.

The Danes decided to disobey! They refused to collaborate with the deportation of thousands of Denmark’s Jewish citizens and Jewish immigrants.

This decision and its implications are described in the animated film "Voices in the Void", produced by 'Humanity in Action'. The film tells the story of the young boy Bent Melchior, who would go on to become Denmark’s Chief Rabbi.

The rescue story as a beacon for the future
Bent Melchior made it his life's mission to spread the light that he felt was revealed during the rescue - and carried on by his son and grandson, Michael and Yair Melchior.


Further Testimony

The Melchior family's rescue story is only one of countless others. Each family, each man, woman, and child has a unique story to share, that reveals new details about the dramatic events in Denmark

in October 1943.

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A beacon for the future
סיפור ההצלה

What lessons can be taken from the Danish Jews' rescue?

Let your voice be heard!

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and share one value you would apply to our lives today.

"I think the moral is that you have to listen to your conscience. If you feel that there is something to do, don't say: "well, let others", but do it yourself. Make the difference".  Rabbi Bent Melchior

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